Following the awesome kickoff by The Usual Suspects, Moxie comes to the Mocksville Square on July 10 from 7-10 p.m., bringing a variety of pop, soul, R&B, and funk music from all eras! ​Moxie is based out of the Winston-Salem area, and is ready to play some high-energy music for Mocksville that is sure to have you out of your seat! Click here to take a listen!

From the Moxie webpage, “If you like artists like Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight, Stevie Wonder, and Tina Turner, then Moxie is the band for you. Our playlist is packed with songs that people know and can sing along with, and keeps people on the dance floor having a good time all night long. Featuring Staci McBeth’s soulful and powerful vocals, three-part harmonies and a tight, high-energy rhythm section, Moxie’s sound combines a funky groove with a rock attitude that is delighting audiences throughout the Triad region and beyond.”

Live music with Moxie - bringing a variety of pop, soul, R&B, and funk music from all eras!

This is the second live concert on the square this summer and would make for an excellent way to spend a Saturday night with family and friends! The next upcoming concerts are:

The concert is free for all to attend and will be held on the square next to Restaurant 101 at 101 North Main St. Remember to bring your own chair for a terrific musical event! No coolers are permitted.

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