Play, learn, and grow through unique, hands-on exhibits and experiences in downtown Mocksville. COGNITION is a community-driven, interactive space for children, families, and communities that promotes exploration, learning, and innovation through adventurous play, investigative learning, and creative growth, with the goal of investing in current and future generations. The 5,000 square foot space includes hands-on exhibits designed for children, a demonstration kitchen, outdoor space, flexible classroom, and fully-equipped Makerspace.

COGNITION’s exhibit area includes Little Cog Corner, Construction Court, Research Road, Weaver’s Way, Healthy Food Street, Market Lane, and Agriculture Avenue. The exhibit area is based on industry sectors within Davie County, in addition to having a Farm-to-Table theme. All of the exhibits are designed to equip our next generation with enthusiasm for STEAM concepts (Science/Technology/Engineering/Arts/Math)

The Makerspace provides visitors ages 10 to 100 with a community space to tinker, create, and problem-solve. Follow them on Facebook or Instagram to see all the classes, workshops, demonstrations, and lectures that are offered to engage both youth and adult learners.

Click to visit the website: COGNITION

Location: 119 N Salisbury St, Mocksville, NC 27028

Phone: (336) 753-1045

Displays & Makerspace