Town Ordinances

Dogs at Large: While inside the city limits all dogs must be on a leash or chain at all times when not on the owner’s property.

Open Burning: For open burning permission contact 753-6163.

Discharge of Firearms: It shall be unlawful for any person to shoot or discharge within the corporate limits any air rifle, pellet gun, gun, or pistol, or any spring gun, pistol, or other similar device or firearm which impels with force a shot or pellet of any kind.

Garage Sales: Not more than two garage sales shall be conducted on residentially zoned property in any calendar year and must be conducted during day light hours only.

Upkeep of Property: Every property owner in the corporate limits must maintain a well-groomed yard. Abandoned vehicles (junk cars) and similar refuse are not allowed on the property.

Sign Permits: To post, display, change, or erect a sign within the Town of Mocksville’s Zoning Jurisdiction you must first obtain a sign permit from the Davie County Development Service. 336-753-6055

Temporary Signs, such as yard sale signs and realtor signs may be displayed from Friday at noon until the event is over or no later than Sunday at 6 pm. You must obtain permission from the property owner to display any signs.

Signs are prohibited on curbs, sidewalks, post, poles, hydrants, bridges, trees, or other structure or surfaces located on, or across any public street right-of-way or property unless expressly authorized by the Developmental Service or the Town Manager. If signs are not permitted and/or do not meet zoning criteria they will be removed to be picked up by the owner or thrown away.

Peddlers: Anyone who wishes to sell items door-to-door or set up a temporary business must have a state business license and Itinerant Merchants License. The merchants license may be purchased at the Mocksville Police Department. Contact 336-751-6231 for details.

Town of Mocksville Ordinances

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