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Planning Board Meeting Location Change


Meeting Location Changed The Mocksville Planning Board will hold their February 9, 2023 regular meeting at the Energy United Building located at 182 South Salisbury Street in Mocksville at 5:30 PM.

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Budgeting for Mocksville’s Future: Public Invited to Mocksville’s Budget Retreat February 4


Budgeting plays an essential role in ensuring a town’s financial stability. Have you ever wondered how the Town of Mocksville sets its budget and determines how to allocate your tax dollars? Now is your opportunity to find out.  Mayor Will Marklin and the Mocksville Board of Commissioners invite you to attend the Town’s FY2023-2024 Budget Retreat on February 4, 2023, from 8 a.m. – 2 p.m. beginning at Davidson-Davie Community College (1205 S. Salisbury Street.)  “Mocksville residents are invited to come out to the annual budget retreat and hear how your elected officials work through the budget requests and come out [...]

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Apply Now! Town of Mocksville and Davie County Tourism Grants Now Open for 2023


The Davie County Tourism and Town of Mocksville Tourism annual grant cycles are now open for 2023 and both non-profit and for-profit organizations are invited to apply.  Grant Seekers Can Apply for Both Grants This year, Davie Chamber President Caroline Moser and Mocksville Community Development Director Tami Langdon want to make sure that applicants understand that they can apply for grants from both organizations.  “By applying to both Davie County and Mocksville Tourism, you will gain financial leverage toward your event which enhances economic gains for both the County and the Town of Mocksville plus creates a tourism destination,” said Langdon.  [...]

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Budgeting for Mocksville’s Future


I have fond memories as a kid of saving money from my paper route and odd jobs for things my parents would not buy. This meant giving up comic books, sodas and other things I may have had an immediate desire to have in order to reach my goal. Back in 1982 that goal was to own a black leather jacket and it took months to save the money. I have to admit that I looked cool in that jacket though. Experiences like this one taught me that goals are within our grasp when we work hard and exercise fiscal discipline. [...]

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2023 Message from Mayor Marklin


What a great Christmas parade in downtown Mocksville! The theme this year was “Rock Around the Clock”. There were several floats with folks in rocking chairs, there were at least two Elvis sightings and lots of music could be heard throughout the parade route. If you happened to attend the parade, you may have noticed the Town of Mocksville sponsored a float for the first time (that I can remember). Normally, some of the town officials ride in old cars and wave as they pass the crowds lining our streets. This year we loaded up an old VW bus on a [...]

2023 Message from Mayor Marklin2023-04-03T13:19:18-04:00
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