Town of Mocksville
Façade Incentive Grant Program


The Town of Mocksville is dedicated to the renovation and rehabilitation of its commercial structures in the Central Business District. With that in mind, the Town is willing to award grants for exterior renovation for the purpose of assisting in the rehabilitation of certain existing commercial structures provided the Recipient agrees to certain conditions. The Town has appointed a Town employee, the Community Development Coordinator (CDC) to serve as administrator of the Façade Incentive Grant Program in order to facilitate this process.

Grants are awarded for 50% of total project cost, up to $1,500. Projects of all monetary size are welcome to apply. In order to be eligible for a grant, recipients must submit a proposal to the CDC. This includes a current photo of the exterior façade, project plans, a contractor’s estimate for the total cost of the project, and specifications or other appropriate design documentation including a copy of the building permit, if applicable


Provide economic incentives to:

• Renovate private commercial building façades in Downtown Mocksville
• Encourage appropriate design projects which capitalize on the rehabilitation of existing properties paired with the introduction of compatible new design
• Preserve unique historic character of these buildings
• Increase economic revitalization of downtown and promote further growth


Façade – A façade is defined as an individual storefront or side of a building which faces a public right-of-way, or which is otherwise visible to the public. Although deemed less important, project proposals affecting façades facing back alleys and rear entrances will be considered.

Source of Funding:

The Downtown Mocksville Matching Incentive Grants are made possible through an appropriation by the Mocksville Board of Commissioners. Property owners in Mocksville, as a part of the National Trust of Historic Preservation, may also be eligible for historic preservation tax credits. Through the North Carolina Main Street program, property owners can receive help applying for these credits. This is not included in the façade incentive grant program. For more information, contact the CDC.


Owner or tenant must be located within a certain section of Downtown Mocksville (see map below for details)
Owners or tenants, with owner’s written permission, may request grants
Any improvements made to the façade are considered a part of the building itself, and the Town will not be held liable if disputes arise.
Buildings must be zoned for a commercial use
Additional grants may be awarded a full calendar year after the previous grant’s approval date
Exceptions can be made for new businesses or owners moving into a space which received a grant within the last calendar year

Examples of acceptable improvements include, but are not limited to:

  • Windows
  • Awnings
  • Doors
  • Exterior Lighting
  • Business Signs
  • Entranceways

Examples of unacceptable improvements include, but are not limited to:

  • Roofing projects
  • Interior renovations
  • Electrical Work
  • Exterior Furniture
  • Awnings with business signs screen printed/painted on
  • Sidewalks
  • Work with materials inappropriate to the original structure

Guidelines and Requirements:

The Secretary of the Interior’s standard for rehabilitation should be used as guidelines in making improvements to the façade of the structure. The CDC will furnish these in entirety to all qualified recipients, but here are some basic points.


  • Preserve the historic character of the building
  • Preserve changes to the original building which have historical significance
  • Preserve distinctive historic features of the building


  • Use chemical or physical treatments which could cause significant damage to the building or its features
  • Use vinyl siding
  • Add anything which could damage the historical integrity of the building
  • Rehabilitation of qualified structures should be considered a contemporary solution that respects the architectural integrity of the entire building front, retaining those elements that enhance the aesthetic quality of the building.
  • All rehabilitation design proposals will meet all applicable building codes required by the Town of Mocksville and the State of North Carolina.
  • Signs with a business name or logo can be permitted in project proposals, depending on the specific design of the sign and its conformity to sign ordinances

Assistance and Resources:

  • Recipients can receive guidance to architectural and planning services from the CDC
  • The Town assistance is advisory only and the Town and the CDC are not liable for any damage or other costs associated with the project
  • Recipients can also receive support from UNCG, provided through the NC Main Street Program.
  • Design services are free to use and are available during the calendar school year.
  • Recipients can also hire outside firms for design work
  • Any costs incurred from any design work may be included in total project cost

Grant Application Process:

1. Recipient meets with the CDC to discuss project proposal and go over sketches of proposed project
2. Recipient then fills out an application and submits it to the Town for approval, along with the appropriate paperwork (project proposal, contractor’s estimates, etc.)
a. Proposals MUST be approved by the Town before any work can begin
b. Violation of this will result in ineligibility of recipient for grant money
3. Projects must be completed within 6 months of the recipient being notified of grant approval
4. Upon project completion, copies of paid invoices, canceled checks, and photos (Before and After) of the completed project must be sent to the CDC.
5. The CDC, as agent for the Town, will inspect the completed work and, provided the work is accomplished in accordance with the grant agreement, request a grant be issued for one-half (1/2) the actual project cost or the full amount of the grant ($1500), whichever is less.

Download, Read and Print the Application for the Grant

Town of Mocksville Facade Grant Application