Rose Cemetery

Cemetery Inquiries
Rose Cemetery located on Cemetery Street is the only town maintained cemetery. Internment options include grave plots, columbarium niches, and an urn garden.

Grave plots for residents inside the city limits are $600 per plot, with one grave plot per city resident purchased (Effective October 6, 1998). Additional plots may be purchased at the outside rate of $1200.

Columbarium pricing is the following: $700 ground level, $800 for the second level, $900 for the third level and $1000 for the fourth or top level.

A 2.5-foot by 4-foot space may be purchased for burial of urns. The cost is $500 for residents within the city limits and $800 for those outside the city limits. All monuments for the urn garden must be 12 x 24 inches.

Please contact the Town Hall at 753-6700 for additional information.

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