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Mocksville Road Projects


Have you noticed an increase in road projects over the last several months? This is the time of year when paving happens. Paving tends to do better when it goes down in the hot summer months; it doesn’t adhere as well when it is cold outside. Municipalities, along with the NC Department of Transportation, make plans throughout the year for projects to happen during a small window of opportunity each calendar year. The Town of Mocksville receives Powell Bill funding, which comes from the gas tax each of us pays when we fill our tanks, to pave streets within the city [...]

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Growing Pains


Mocksville and Davie County have a problem that many communities across our state and country would love to have. That problem is growth. This is the third small town I’ve had the pleasure of serving as a manager in and I can tell you that managing growth is far better than wishing for growth. Our town and county happens to be in a strategic growth location and has had the benefit of visionary leaders over the last twenty years who made sure the infrastructure, processes and relationships needed for growth were developed. Both Mocksville and Davie County went through an intensive [...]

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A Legacy of Dedication: Tami Langdon’s Retirement and Impact on Mocksville


Community Development Coordinator Tami Langdon (middle) catches up with Officer Karen Austin and Joy Underwood, owner of SouthernMood. A Quarter Century of Service One of Mocksville’s greatest cheerleaders is retiring. Tami Langdon has been a fixture in downtown Mocksville for more than 25 years as a volunteer, business owner, and finally as the Town’s community development coordinator. On October 1st, she will relinquish that job and resume her role as a resident.  But that doesn’t mean she is ready to sit back and relax. When asked what she will do in retirement, she enthusiastically replied with a list.  “I’m going to [...]

A Legacy of Dedication: Tami Langdon’s Retirement and Impact on Mocksville2023-09-12T12:52:33-04:00
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