Photo credit: Ed Simmons

The term “bedroll” takes on a whole new meaning in Historic Downtown Mocksville as intrepid teams from across Davie County and beyond take part in the “Twas the Night Before” Bed Race.

Presented by the Mocksville Tourism Authority, this annual event held on the Friday night before Thanksgiving has become one of Mocksville’s most popular events with dozens of teams competing for the cheers of the fans and cash prizes.

Exactly How Does a Bed Race Work?

Like any sprint, the goal of the Bed Race is to go from point A to point B in the shortest time possible—but these recumbent racers do have to follow a few basic rules in order to compete for the bevy of cash prizes. Each team consists of four pushers and one rider, all at least 15-years-old. The rider must sit or lie flat on the bed during the race, sorry, surfer dudes. Themed clothing or costumes are strongly encouraged, even pajamas are great, but riders have to wear something.

Beds must have four wheels that stay in contact with the road at all times, and the only source of propulsion allowed is the four pushers. Oh, and you won’t be seeing any King Louis beds careening through the quad: beds must measure least 3′ x 6′ but can be no larger than 6′ x 8′ including any handles the pushers might use

Cash Prizes at Stake!

At stake are prizes for speed and creativity. The fastest team will take home a cool $200 in cash, while the runner-up will collect $125, and the third-place finisher will roll away with $75. There is a $100 prize for the most original bed and $100 for the team with the best team spirit. The Total Package prize of $100 will go to the team with the best overall package… i.e. best overall appearance and combination of bed decoration, message, and costumes.

Bring a chair and watch the fun! O’Callahans, Restaurant 101, and Scoops will be open for hungry spectators.

Interested in Participating?

You can sign up your team for the Bed Race by calling Mocksville Town Hall at (336) 753-6700.

Visit Twas the Night Before Bed Race Facebook Page for updates.