Visit Mocksville During the Holidays

Make memories in Historic Downtown Mocksville throughout the holiday season. Enjoy walking the quaint downtown area in the gleam of the holiday lights. Stop in at one of our top-rated restaurants for a special meal and then shop until you drop at our many unique boutiques, or attend one of our delightful holiday events that are guaranteed to get you into the Christmas spirit. 


The term “bedroll” takes on a whole new meaning in Historic Downtown Mocksville as intrepid teams from across Davie County and beyond take part in the annual “Twas the Night Before” Bed Race on the Friday night before Thanksgiving.

Exactly How Does a Bed Race Work?

Like any sprint, the goal of the bed race is to go from point A to point B in the shortest time possible—as these recumbent racers compete for the bevy of cash prizes.

Each team consists of four pushers and one rider who must sit or lie flat on the bed during the race. Each wacky, whimsical bed must have four wheels that stay in contact with the road at all times, and the only source of propulsion allowed is the four pushers.

At stake are prizes for speed and creativity. The fastest team will take home a cool $200 in cash, while the runner-up will collect $125 and the third-place finisher will roll away with $75. There is a $100 prize for the most original bed and $50 for the team with the best team spirit. The Total Package prize of $50 will go to the team with the best overall package… i.e. best overall appearance and combination of bed decoration, message, and costumes.


The bed race is followed by the Mocksville Christmas Parade, a family favorite, held the first Saturday in December.

Christmas parades commemorate the past through the traditions of Christmas; celebrate the present by bringing together the best in civic groups, churches, businesses, schools, community leaders and public servants; and present a vision of hope to the next generation for a strong and prosperous future. The parade features everything from walking groups, performers, horseback riders, single vehicles to full-blown floats, candy for the kids, and of course, Santa Claus.



Weekends in December have an extra dose of charm. Whether you take a relaxing carriage ride, sing along with the carolers, watch local businesses in the Christmas Parade, or journey down Main Street with the traveling storybook, you will quickly discover why time spent in Mocksville is time well-spent.