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Mocksville Mayor Clarifies Stay At Home Order


Message from Mocksville Mayor Will Marklin Over the last several weeks, Davie County and the State of North Carolina, have taken actions to address the spread of COVID-19.  This includes limiting mass gatherings to 50 people or less, the closure of schools statewide through May 15, limiting restaurants to takeout orders, and the closing of hair/nail salons, spas, gyms, and recreation centers. Thousands of employees from every business sector are either not working or teleworking to stay in business and to provide needed services to the community. Despite these measures, many leaders do not believe we have gone far enough to [...]

Mocksville Mayor Clarifies Stay At Home Order2023-04-03T13:16:44-04:00

Rich Park is Closed But Walking Trails Are Open


The Town of Mocksville is Temporarily Closing Rich Park Rich Park is temporarily closed. This includes: Shelters Playground area Basketball courts Volleyball courts Mando Field Open for Walking The beautiful greenways and the walking paths are OPEN to the public. Please, enjoy them but be sure to maintain the recommended social distance of six feet from other walkers. Practice social distancing when walking the trails and building up your immune system. Be safe and be well!

Rich Park is Closed But Walking Trails Are Open2020-03-27T20:25:51-04:00

Davie County Manager Update Includes Information and Resources


A Message From County Manager, John Eller We hope you will find the information links below helpful as we try to compile everything into one place.  This information is not exhaustive by any means but should save some of you from trying to search multiple sites for information. Additional Cases of COVID-19 Confirmed in Davie County, NC Davie County Health and Human Services Director, Suzanne Wright, announced this morning that Davie County has 2 additional lab-confirmed cases of COVID-19.  Please click here for more information about this. Ms. Wright also issued a statement yesterday after the county’s second lab-confirmed case, noting measures that residents should [...]

Davie County Manager Update Includes Information and Resources2020-03-27T19:25:50-04:00

Davie County Board of Commissioners States No Changes to Restrictions at This Time


March 25, 2020 Statement from Davie County Board of Commissioners: Due to the many questions received regarding counties and municipalities outside of Davie County who are sheltering in place, Davie County Government/Commissioners have had no discussion or plans to shelter in place as we continue to provide services to our residents, local businesses, and industries. Until we receive orders from the Federal or State Government outside of what North Carolina Executive Orders already exist, our County State of Emergency Declaration stands as written with no further restrictions planned at this time. To help keep you informed, Davie County has created a [...]

Davie County Board of Commissioners States No Changes to Restrictions at This Time2020-03-25T18:06:13-04:00

Executive Order 120 Update from Davie County Manager, John Eller


Executive Order 120 issued today, March 23, 2020, will be effective at 5 p.m., Wednesday, March 25, 2020. Here is what we are being told: The prohibition of mass gatherings is now moved from 100 to no more than 50 persons. The following entertainment facilities are ordered to close at 5 PM on Wednesday, March 25, 2020, though any retail or dining component may operate within that establishment solely for that purpose. Bingo Parlors Bowling Alleys Ice Skating Rinks Indoor Exercise Facilities (e.g. gyms, yoga studios, and martial arts facilities) Health Clubs Indoor Pools Live Performance Venues Movie Theaters Roller skating rinks Spas [...]

Executive Order 120 Update from Davie County Manager, John Eller2020-03-23T17:48:17-04:00

Davie County Government Modifies State of Emergency Declaration


We are modifying the State of Emergency Declaration for Davie County. We were notified this morning by the State Laboratory of Public Health that a person residing in Davie County has tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19). Davie County Health and Human Services (DCHHS) Division of Public Health is investigating.  DCHHS will work with those with COVID-19 to mitigate potential community spread, as they do with any communicable disease, and advise on appropriate monitoring and testing.  The most recent county-by-county case count is available at This site will be updated by NCDHHS today to reflect Davie County. Symptoms of COVID-19 include fever [...]

Davie County Government Modifies State of Emergency Declaration2020-03-21T14:35:32-04:00

Message from Mocksville Mayor Will Marklin


Message from the Mayor This is an unprecedented time for our town, county, state, and nation. I would like to thank each of you for taking the recommendations that have been made to protect the health and well-being of our community seriously. This is a difficult time for everyone and your patience is greatly appreciated. While it is easy to get overwhelmed with numbers, trends and isolated stories, it is important to stay positive and remain vigilant. This pandemic is serious and the government’s response is important to slow the spread of coronavirus. Restrictions change daily so I urge you to check your sources carefully, particularly before sharing [...]

Message from Mocksville Mayor Will Marklin2023-04-03T13:17:18-04:00

COVID-19 News from Davie County Manager


A Message from County Manager, John Eller Forgive me for the long message, but we would rather over-communicate than under-communicate during this time and we strive to provide you with the most up-to-date information available. We also encourage you to share this information with others. Davie County Government is collaborating with state and federal officials to monitor the daily development of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Davie County NC – COVID-19 Timeline On March 10, 2020, the Governor of North Carolina declared a State of Emergency in North Carolina and issued subsequent Executive Orders closing K-12 public schools, banning mass gatherings of more than 100 people, closing [...]

COVID-19 News from Davie County Manager2020-03-19T08:07:37-04:00

Local Update from the Mocksville Town Manager


Safety is the Goal It is the goal of the Town of Mocksville to keep its citizens informed and safe. We are doing our best to keep everyone up-to-date with local, state, and federal information in reference to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Order Takeout - Restaurant Updates Earlier today, Governor Roy Cooper issued an executive order in response to COVID-19 that closes restaurants and bars for dine-in customers but allows them to continue takeout and delivery orders. This order will be effective as of 5 p.m .today. Local Mocksville restaurants such as Alex’s Grill, Cariciati’s, CJ’s BBQ, O’Callahans, Restaurant 101, 601 Brews [...]

Local Update from the Mocksville Town Manager2020-03-19T08:07:45-04:00

Mocksville Update on State of Emergency Declaration


Davie County Declares a State of Emergency Davie County is issuing a State of Emergency Declaration to allow access to federal and state resources in our preparedness efforts for COVID-19 prevention and (please see attached). Should further action need to be taken in the future, this Declaration will be amended.  Davie County has created a COVID-19 website for residents which has the most up-to-date information at: We have also created a COVID-19 hotline at 336-753-6750. Davie County will also post information on various social media sites. Please encourage residents to share information with others. Together, our primary focus should be on the mitigation and [...]

Mocksville Update on State of Emergency Declaration2020-03-16T15:51:26-04:00
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