Pay Utility Bills Online

The Town of Mocksville is pleased to announce the launch of its new online billing and payment service through Invoice Cloud, offering customers greater flexibility to view and pay their Utility bills online. Additionally, customers will have more choices to pay their bill, including by phone and by text.

The new, easy-to-use payment portal provides customers with quick access to their account to view bills, check their balance, make payments and enroll in paperless billing. Features include an “at a glance” dashboard, securely storing payment information (if requested), and more automatic payment options including: choosing a specific day for payments to process, email reminders, and linking multiple accounts. For customers that choose not to create an account, they can view their current bill and make a one-time payment without registering.

Other Ways to Pay

We are glad to accept your payment over the phone 24/7 using our automated payment system by calling (855) 667-0931. With this 24/7 automated payment line, customers may make a payment, check a balance and sign up for pay by text to receive text notifications about their bill and elect to pay through text message with their default payment method.

Click Here to Pay Water/Sewer Bills Online

The Town of Mocksville Water and Sewer Department’s primary responsibility is to collect, treat, and distribute water, waste water and solid waste.

Mocksville water and sewer service extends beyond the corporate limits. Fees are based on services inside and outside the town limits. Users outside do not pay town tax and therefore have higher rates.

Bi-Monthly Water and Sewer Rates


Inside 0 – 3,000 Water $38.56
Inside 0 – 3,000 Sewer $41.81
Per 1000 Gallons after minimum: Water $5.47
Per 1000 Gallons after minimum: Sewer $6.41
Outside 0 – 3,000 Water $66.96
Outside 0 – 3,000 Sewer $82.88
Outside – Per 1000 Gallons after minimum: Water $9.32
Outside – Per 1000 Gallons after minimum: Sewer $9.93

Download & Print

You may read online or download and print a copy of the current Fee Schedule here.

Click here to visit the Fee Schedule page.

Water Quality

Read or Download:

2023 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report
2022 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

More Information


Both residential and business customers can help prevent wastewater overflows by minimizing the amount of FOG disposed of through plumbing drains. Inside a sewer, fats, oils and grease change to a plaster-like consistency and can block the pipes, causing an overflow of untreated wastewater.

At home, you can dispose of normal cooking oil and grease by putting it in a container as part of your solid waste rather than through your sink and plumbing drain. Wiping and scraping pots, pans and other utensils before washing them are important steps in proper grease disposal.

If your business generates waste grease, fats or oil, you should have a grease interception system that works effectively. A company that recycles fats, oils and grease should regularly clean out the grease trap.

The town hall staff continuously strives to provide better services to our customers

Are you aware your water bills may be drafted? This procedure is very simple. All you have to do is stop by town hall, complete a form and provide us with a voided check. You will continue to receive a bi-monthly bill. This bill will inform you of the amount that will be drafted and date it will be drafted.

Payments must reach the town hall by the 20th of the month or a penalty will be added. If you use the addressed envelope provided, please allow 5 to 7 business days for the payment to be processed.

A drop box is located beside the front door where payments may be dropped off 24/7. As always, we will be glad to accept your payment at the town hall.

We are glad to accept your payment over the phone 24/7 using our automated payment system by calling (855) 667-0931

Expect to see some changes in the amount of your bills as the seasons change. Water consumption usually increases in the spring and summer months, and you should expect your bill to reflect this increased usage.

However, there are occasions when you may experience an unusually high bill. A high bill may be caused by a concealed leak (a leak underground or in a wall) or a toilet leak. If you experience an unusually high bill, or suspect a leak or unauthorized use, you should call 753-6700 to request an investigation. Our staff will try to help you determine the cause of an unusually high bill.


Public Works Department offers the following precautions to help you keep the water flowing this winter.

Insulate pipes or faucets in unheated areas. Pipes in unheated garages, crawl spaces, under the house, or in the attic should be wrapped with insulation before cold weather arrives.

Seal access doors, air vents and cracks. Close openings where winter winds could blow over exposed pipes. Do not obstruct air vents needed by your furnace or water heater for proper combustion.

Locate your meter shut off valves. If a pipe bursts anywhere in your house, use the master shutoff valve to stop the water supply.

Take special precautions when temperatures are low. Leave sink cabinet doors open when temperatures drop. If you are away for several days, leave the heat on in your house while you are away.

Disconnect and drain outdoor hoses. This allows water to drain and prevents the faucet or hose from bursting during a hard freeze. This is also true for backflow prevention assemblies (BPA’s ). Make sure all BPA’s are properly insulated to protect them from cold air.

Water & Sewer Emergency Numbers

8AM-5:00 PM 336-753-6700



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