Jennifer Evens, Mocksville’s new marketing and communications coordinator, has big plans for the town.

Bright and early Monday morning, Jennifer Evens, Mocksville’s new Marketing and Communications Coordinator, made her way to her familiar office but found herself in a new chair. Having spent months shadowing her recently retired predecessor, Tami Langdon, Evens is now prepared to hit the ground running in her new role.

Few new hires have the privilege of training alongside their forerunners, and Jennifer Evens is profoundly appreciative of the opportunity to work closely with someone as experienced as Tami Langdon. In her own words, “Working with Tami has been an absolute delight! She has been one of the greatest mentors I’ve had. In the time we shared, she taught me how to view situations with humor, de-escalate tensions, and even a touch of sarcasm.”

Evens expressed her heartfelt sentiments about Langdon’s retirement, saying, “I will miss her so much, but she assured me that she is just a phone call away. She won’t leave me high and dry. She has committed to volunteering through the end of the year to assist me with major events like the Oaks Festival, the bed races, and the Christmas parade so I can learn how to manage them myself next year. I know I can also count on her anytime I need guidance. Everyone at Town Hall has been incredible, and we make a fantastic team.”

Although born in Florida, she grew up in North Carolina and considers herself a true Davie County girl. Her family relocated to Davie in 2002 when she was in the 2nd grade. Her father, an aerospace engineer, had the opportunity to transfer to Miami, South Carolina, or North Carolina, and after visiting each location, they fell in love with North Carolina.

Evens attended Shady Grove Elementary (where her daughter currently attends), William Ellis Middle School,  and Davie County High School. Her academic journey led her to Winston-Salem State University initially, with aspirations of becoming a doctor. However, after her first year, she transferred to High Point University, where she immediately changed her major to communications upon stepping foot in the Nido Qubein School of Communications. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications in 2019 and began working on her master’s degree in 2020 during the COVID shutdown. In July 2023, she successfully obtained a Master of Arts in Communications with a concentration in New Media Marketing from Southern New Hampshire University.

During her studies, she gained practical experience working in the High Point Housing Authority Public Relations and Social Media Marketing department, where she honed her skills in social media marketing for a government entity.

Innovative Visions for Mocksville

She believes that her blend of work experience and her Davie County upbringing uniquely position her for her new role. She reflects, “Growing up frequenting places like Scoops, Rich Park, and the surrounding areas, I’m enthusiastic about the opportunity to contribute to the continued growth of the Town.”

While she remains committed to upholding Mocksville’s traditional events, Evens has some fresh ideas in store. She confides, “I’m working on a surprise new event for Christmas and planning a block party for next year. My primary objective is to draw in a younger crowd and families to the downtown area, ensuring there’s something for all ages to enjoy. There are so many events I’d love to introduce to add a new twist to Downtown Mocksville.”

In her personal life, Evens and her husband, along with their daughter, enjoy living in Davie County. Her leisure interests include skating, cooking, and indulging in anime during her spare time.

If you wish to get in touch with Jennifer Evens, you can reach her at (336) 753-6705 or via email at