Fire Hydrant Testing

The Mocksville Fire Department will start fire hydrant testing the 1st week of May 2021.

The Town of Mocksville Volunteer Fire Department continues to work hard to ensure that our citizens have and maintain the best fire rating. One thing that must be done in order to improve our fire ratings for insurance purposes is to test flow fire hydrants. It is necessary to test flow hydrants twice a year in order to ensure that the hydrants are working properly and that no change in pressure and flow has occurred.

Through the implementation of this program to flow hydrants, the fire department staff has found a few minor problems in the system. These problems have been corrected. Temporary discoloration of your water may occur after hydrants have been tested. We apologize for this inconvenience. If your water is discolored, please run your cold water until the water is clear again. In order for the fire department to perform their job as quickly and efficiently as possible, please do not landscape around the hydrant.