Mocksville Police Department


Beginning November 23, Mocksville Police Department’s main office will be closed to the public to assist with limiting the spread of COVID-19.

Fingerprinting services will be suspended until further notice. If you need a copy of a report please call 336-753-6710 Monday through Friday 8 am-5 pm.

Our officers will be attempting to take as many reports by phone as possible to limit interaction with the public.

If you have an emergency contact 9-1-1. If you have a non-emergency and need to file a report please call 336-751-0896, and an officer will contact you.

The safety of our officers and our citizens remains the focus of our agency. Our officers will continue to remain visible in your neighborhoods and at local businesses to maintain the protection of our town and its citizens.

We will keep our residents informed as to when these restrictions will be lifted in compliance with the Town of Mocksville.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and happy holidays.



The Mocksville Police Department is located at 278 North Main Street.
Mocksville Police Department: 336-753-6710
Emergencies: 911

Putside image of the Mocksville Police Department Building and police cars

Mission Statement

The Mocksville Police Department works with all our community partners to provide impartial, ethical, and professional law enforcement service and protection. Using a progressive approach, we strive to continually improve the trust and confidence of our citizens, visitors, local employees, and those traveling through our Community. We are committed to the continued protection of life and property while improving the quality of life without bias or prejudice. We will respect the rights of all people and ensure a safe and secure environment for all.

About the Department

Mocksville is home to over 5,000 people who count on the men and women of their local police department to keep them safe! Our officers understand this challenge and rise to the occasion every day. While a variety of crimes occur throughout the Town, each officer is committed to serving each citizen to the best of their ability. Traffic enforcement, criminal investigations, narcotics investigations, and regular patrol responsibilities are carried out by the men and women of the Mocksville Police Department through a variety of methods. Even with a veteran police force, we train frequently and always look for ways to improve our effectiveness and efficiency.

In addition, our department seeks transparency through community feedback and interaction. Our department encourages all our citizens to become involved with our officers through any of our programs – Coffee with a Cop, Citizens Academy, TAPS, The Lotus Project, and Neighborhood Watch. Citizens, along with visitors and interested individuals, can also provide our staff feedback through social media, email, and soon through our website and online surveys! We will continue to work within our community to build a stronger, open, and progressive department that will always protect those in our Town!

Please feel free to tell us how we are doing and share your concerns. We are always looking for new faces to join with us as volunteers or for positions. Contact us and see how to get involved. We appreciate the opportunity to continuously serve this community!

About Our Programs

Coffee With A Cop

In 2016, as part of National Community Policing Week, law enforcement agencies joined together to reach out to members of their community. Using a social setting, citizens and members of the community can interact with law enforcement professionals to foster ongoing communication and positive dialog. This event is designed to build trust and cooperation between police officers and those in the community. The Mocksville Police Department welcomes the community to join with us on the first Wednesday of each month at The Factory Coffeehouse.

Citizens’ Academy

The Mocksville Police Department’s Citizens Academy is a 12-week program designed to educate cadets on all aspects of the department.  The setting varies from classroom to practical depending on the instruction for the week.  In the Citizens Academy, cadets learn the history of policing, the evolution of technology, patrol functions, narcotics investigations, crime scene processing, K-9 handling, and many other facets of the department.  Upon graduation, alumni are invited to continue working with the department utilizing their interests and skills. Complete an online application here. 

TAPS Academy

The TAPS (Teen and Police Service) Academy is an 11-week program designed for at-risk youth. In this program, students partner with officers as mentors to discuss issues such as bullying, anger management, avoiding gang life, drug usage, and conflict management. Other youth and law enforcement-focused topics are also included.

The LOTUS Project

The LOTUS Project uses a partnership approach to join law enforcement professionals with individuals affected by mental illness or intellectual disability. This program provides a safe environment where interaction can occur, an engaging curriculum for team-building and relationship building, and knowledge about law enforcement and the responsibilities and job functions. The program’s name originates from the lotus flower. As it grows, the lotus flower transitions from murky water to sunlight. It is a symbol of inner strength, determination, purity, and hope.

Neighborhood Watch

One of the most effective methods for community safety is the Neighborhood Watch. In this program, community members are provided resources for protecting their neighborhoods by using residents to observe suspicious activities. With the advancement of technology, residents are also made aware of how videos, security systems, and other technological advancements can help law enforcement identify and even capture suspects in the area.