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Downtown Mocksville Expansion


The Town recently acquired 5.08 acres of properties owned by Energy United for $1,985,000 after lengthy negotiations. The property extends north from Sanford Avenue along S. Salisbury Street and ends behind Cognition. It does not include the Chamber, Davie Community Foundation, or Cognition buildings. It does include the Energy United Education Center (3102 sqft) and the old Energy United business office (4833 sqft), along with the former sites of Junker’s Mill and the cotton gin. The Town secured a grant that covers the entire purchase price for the property along with additional funds to remodel the Education Center, which will serve [...]

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Good to Great


Bestselling author Jim Collins wrote, “Good is the enemy of great.” He meant that most people and organizations are satisfied with being good at what they do and believe that there is nothing else they need to do. That is not the case with the Town of Mocksville in general and the Mocksville Fire Department in particular. Chief Frank Carter will tell you that “Constant Improvement” is his hashtag. Chief Carter has been a firefighter in Mocksville since 1988 and has served as Chief since 2003. Over the last decade especially he has worked tirelessly, but quietly, improving the department for [...]

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Planning for Mocksville’s Future


Thomas Jefferson once said that “Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning.” This is why the Town has invested time, resources, and talent this budget year so we will be well prepared for the opportunities ahead. We are examining infrastructure, equipment, personnel, facility and service delivery levels to determine where we need to strategically invest limited resources. The data and conclusions produced from the studies currently in process will inform our Strategic Plan, Capital Improvement Plan, Succession Plan and annual budget for years to come. The Asset Inventory and Assessment studies for our water and sewer systems are [...]

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Growing Pains


Mocksville and Davie County have a problem that many communities across our state and country would love to have. That problem is growth. This is the third small town I’ve had the pleasure of serving as a manager in and I can tell you that managing growth is far better than wishing for growth. Our town and county happens to be in a strategic growth location and has had the benefit of visionary leaders over the last twenty years who made sure the infrastructure, processes and relationships needed for growth were developed. Both Mocksville and Davie County went through an intensive [...]

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Davie County is an All-America County!


I had the honor and privilege of leading a delegation of 34 Davie County residents, including 12 youth, to compete with communities all over the country for the prestigious “All-America” designation for our community. This process started back in October 2022 with a discussion at a quarterly elected and appointed officials meeting. Every great achievement begins with a team, and this one was no different. The elected boards and managers of Davie County, Bermuda Run, Mocksville, and Cooleemee saw the value of pursuing this honor for the entire county and that collaboration is one of the reasons why the National Civic [...]

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Manager’s Corner- Power of Partnerships


A mentor of mine used to tell me that no one accomplishes anything on his or her own. We all stand on the shoulders of those who came before us. He was also fond of telling me that one problem is just a problem, but multiple problems could be an opportunity to do something truly amazing. This was the case in 2018 when the Town of Mocksville and Davie County came together to talk about the increasing costs and many challenges of running two 80+ year old Water Treatment Plants. Instead of each organization looking inward and upgrading or building new [...]

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Emergency Alerts – Enroll in Hyper-Reach


October 14, 2022 Subject: Emergency Alerts – Enroll in Hyper-Reach Dear Town of Mocksville Water-Sewer customer, We recently had to issue a Boil Water Notice and many customers did not receive the information. The Town wants to keep our customers informed so we have partnered with Davie County to provide the Hyper-Reach notification system. It is very important that you understand how the system works so you will get emergency alerts using the method most likely to reach you. There is a flyer attached to this letter that explains how to enroll. (download a copy below) If you enrolled in Hyper-Reach [...]

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Full-Time Firefighters for Mocksville Fire Department


The Town of Mocksville and Davie County have a long and proud tradition of volunteer fire departments serving our communities. These dedicated men and women generously give their time and talent to preserve life and safeguard property. This tradition was possible in larger towns because people worked where they lived and businesses allowed volunteer firefighters to leave work when duty called. Over the years, our community has changed and the volunteer service has changed as well. Most people who live in Mocksville now commute to jobs outside the Town or county. Volunteers are now required to complete hundreds of hours of [...]

Full-Time Firefighters for Mocksville Fire Department2023-04-03T13:13:46-04:00
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