Spring is here! The Popsicle Run and Shamrock 5k are behind us, so now we can ease into warmer weather. I would have liked to see a bit more snow over the winter months but am glad that we didn’t have to deal with icy roads and school closings that would push the end of the school year further into the summer months. We actually had a fairly mild winter.

Be sure to keep a close eye on the calendar for all the events happening over the next several months. There are concerts, festivals, movies in the park, and many other activities planned for downtown. Jennifer Evens, with the Town of Mocksville, is working hard at planning all of our town events – so let’s take advantage of all that is offered right here in our own backyard. Don’t forget to check out the Davie Community Park this summer. They have a huge splash pad and many indoor and outdoor activities for Davie County residents to enjoy. This park is our newest in the county and sometimes I forget about all they have to offer. Paul Moore and his team are planning movies, concerts, and lots more in the coming months. Check out their website for more details.

I notice chatter on social media fairly often about why no one builds a bowling alley or skating rink for our children and youth. “There is nothing for the kids to do” is always the go-to phrase. Have you been to Huffman’s lately? How about Cognition or the disc golf course in Farmington? Get out there and support the businesses and individuals who are trying to create a place for our youth and children. That, in turn, may encourage future development with larger venues like movie theaters, skate parks, and bowling alleys. Private developers will not come to our town and county if they do not see our residents supporting the businesses that are already here.

Just a heads up – the NCDOT is planning to begin construction on the roundabout at the intersection of Farmington Road and Highway 158 as soon as school is out for the summer. I know how frustrating the delays that go along with construction can be. This project should be quick due to the absence of underground infrastructure in this area. Just plan for some brief delays and detours while we deal with road improvements. Improving traffic flow will benefit our citizens for years to come, and (believe it or not) there are fewer accidents at roundabouts compared to intersections with stop signs and stop lights.

Despite our love of a small town atmosphere and our desire to keep a small town feel, we are growing. We can do our best to control the growth and be choosy about what sort of developments we want to come to town. Through good planning and restrictions, we have managed to preserve a “hometown” feel, unlike the urban sprawl and chaos we see on Hanes Mall Boulevard and Lewisville Clemmons Road.

The Mocksville Town Commissioners will be working on zoning ordinance revisions and an update to the 2019 comprehensive plan over the next year and will ask for your input for both plan. Please participate! Your input is valuable so the best decisions can be made for the future development and growth of our town.

Will Marklin – Mayor