What a great Christmas parade in downtown Mocksville! The theme this year was “Rock Around the Clock”. There were several floats with folks in rocking chairs, there were at least two Elvis sightings and lots of music could be heard throughout the parade route.

If you happened to attend the parade, you may have noticed the Town of Mocksville sponsored a float for the first time (that I can remember). Normally, some of the town officials ride in old cars and wave as they pass the crowds lining our streets. This year we loaded up an old VW bus on a trailer and walked alongside while playing Christmas music with a 60s vibe. The Hippies had come to town. I had to think for a bit as to what “ Hippies” have to do with the Christmas holiday and it hit me at church last Sunday. Hippies were all about peace! Christmas should be a time when we experience “peace that surpasses understanding”; one of the Advent candles we light during the season is the candle of “Peace”.

All during the parade we flashed peace signs and tried to keep up with our float as we engaged the citizens of our town. Have you ever heard of a “stressed out” hippie? These guys were always going with the flow promoting peace and love as they encountered the world. Regardless of your opinion on this movement in our country’s history – you have to admit that life would be much more enjoyable if we had less stress and just went with the flow instead of getting caught up in all the chaos of the season.

This is probably the closest I will ever come to being a hippie. Sure, I will put on the tie-dyed shirt when I attend a Wake game and I might even grow my beard out in November but as far as the laid back lifestyle had by that particular group – I just don’t quite fit the mold. However, I do plan on tapping the brakes this year when it comes to the hustle and bustle. My newfound goal of peace I hope to keep at least through the end of December.

Thank you to all the folks that made the parade a success!