The Town of Mocksville raced into the Christmas season on November 18th with the 10th Annual “Twas the Night Before” Bed Race as 16 teams made a mad dash down Main Street. 

The mood was festive as hundreds lined the street in eager anticipation. Race announcer Justin Blue kept the crowd cheering and in the holiday spirit with tricycle races, rock/paper/scissors contests, and partner wheelbarrow races. Throughout the evening, DJ Barry Rentz had folks dancing in the streets.

“Once again, another terrific night for Mocksville! There were lots of creative beds and several new faces!” said Tami Langdon, community development coordinator. “Welcome, Oh Deer, Trinity Baptist Church Boys & Girls, Liberty Storage Solutions (also thanks for being our sponsor), Cognition, Green Meadows, Mocksville Dentistry, and Main St. Brokers! Also, a HUGE thanks to the teams that continue to be a part of this event.”

“I’m also grateful to our sponsor, Liberty Storage Solutions, our many volunteers, Town of Mocksville staff, Public Works, Parks & Grounds,  Mayor Will Markland, Davie County Sheriff’s Office, and Barry Rentz with the Mobile Jukebox, for making the event such a success.”  

“It takes a TEAM to create this event, and I work with a wonderful group who leads the way! Special thanks to Denise Hendrix for always being organized with details of the maps and getting those heats together quickly; Jordan Hendrix, the elf and manager of the social media; Trevor Walterman, the bed sled guru with tips to build a bed and how to be creative with your design; and Justin Blue, announcer and the guy inspiring the audience to play the games and dance in the streets.”

$700 in Cash Prizes at Stake!

At stake were prizes for speed and creativity. The fastest team, Just for Fun, took home a cool $200 in cash, while the runner-up, Avgol’s Chad’s Pack,  collected $125. Green Meadows Baptist Church’s Green Meadows Mission 1, the third-place finisher, rolled away with $75. Green Meadows Mission 1 Davie also picked up $100 for having the best team spirit, and Skyline National Bank received $100 for the most original bed. A Total Package prize of $100 went to Mocksville Dentistry’s Tooth Fairies for having the best overall appearance and combination of bed decoration, message, and costumes.

Complete Race Results

1st Place

“Just for Fun”                 

  • Junior Romero                           
  • Archer Richardson                                           
  • Zander Richardson                                           
  • Landor Waller                                           
  • Karl Swartz/Team Captain   

2nd Place

Avgol “Chad’s Pack”                    

  • Nick Cristiano       
  • Danielle Morra       
  • Taryn Winner       
  • Destiny Swanner       
  • Maria O’Neill/Team Captain       

3rd Place

Green Meadows Baptist Church “Green Meadows Mission 1”

  • Jacob Walker       
  • Cole Thomas       
  • Gracie Wilson       
  • Bryce Wilson       
  • Reese Ward/Rider       
  • Matt Davidson/Team Captain       
  • Kirklin Bowles/Alternate   

Best Team Spirit

Green Meadows Baptist Church “Green Meadows Mission 1”

  • Jacob Walker       
  • Cole Thomas       
  • Gracie Wilson       
  • Bryce Wilson       
  • Reese Ward/Rider       
  • Matt Davidson/Team Captain   
  • Kirklin Bowles/Alternate

Most Original Bed 

Skyline National Bank                

  • Alex Fox       
  • Travis Morgan       
  • Milo Cockerham       
  • Lori Wagner       
  • Josh Draughn/Team Captain       
  • Tyler Kilmer/Alternate       

Total Package

Mocksville Dentistry “Tooth Fairies”

  • Myra Key       
  • Michelle Moore       
  • Brian Moore       
  • Kim Caputo       
  • Jason Caputo/Team Captain 

2022 Mocksville Bed Races Team Listing

Carolgale Builders “Disco Dreaming” – Paul Gale IV, Jeremy Brassard, Paul Gale V, Heidi Gale, Lindsay Brassard, Chris Branham/team captain

Cognition “STEAM” – Becca Lard, Bryan White. Kerigan Martin, Brandy Koontz, Jessica Huyett/team captain       

DDCC  “Welding Duke Boys” – Jesse Naylor, Randy Webb, John Sapp, Clayton Pilcher, Connor Hutchens/team captain, Bailey Vaughn/alternate   

Liberty Storage Solutions “Team Maverick”  – Dereck Chipman, Austin Mckay, Tim Johnson, Jacob Croker, Dominic Mullett/team captain, Hayley Crisco/alternate       

Main St. Brokers – Kevin Huggins, Rick Donathan, Jason Cibelli, Meghan Chessall, Sean Van Dyke/team captain, Fam Chessall/alternate

“Oh Deer” – Victor Johnson, Isaiah Johnson, Kaitlynne Dillon, Chad Russell, Desiree Johnson/team captain

Pallet One – Casey Dyson, Joe Salazar, Alex Higgins, Cruz Carrasco, Landon Miller, Dennis Sayavong/alternate       

Reeb – James Hall, Bryson Brown, Logan Guinn, Joe Watson, Issac Beasley/team captain, Luke Benton/alternate   

SURF – Avery Yount, Brooklyn Lakey, Sean Lane, Silas Marion, Madi Rogers/team captain, Mia Clair Myers/alternate 

Trinity Baptist Church Youth Boys – Chris Whittaker, C.J. Mason, Kenny Carter, Simon Foster, Ethan Franklin/team captain, Quinntin Longoria/alternate       

Trinity Baptist Church Youth Girls    – Savi Carter, Emma Perry, Emily Harwood, Rachel Beck, Elizabeth Vanderbrook/team captain, Mady Isaac/alternate       

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We wish everyone a happy and healthy 2022 holiday season!