Get ready to tickle your taste buds! The Mocksville Farmer’s Market will open on Wednesday, May 4th, and end on October 26th with a Harvest Table to celebrate the fall and winter holidays.

Great New Location!

Please note the new location:  278 N. Main Street (parking lot next to Main Street Park.)  The hours are from 3 – 6 p.m.

The May 4th market will also feature a plant sale by the Mocksville Garden Club!

Handcrafted & Homegrown

The Mocksville Farmers Market is proud to provide a community market for consumers, farmers, and artisans to buy and sell local fruits, vegetables, plants, and handmade crafts. In addition to fresh produce, the market offers baked goods, jams, candles, soaps, creams, lotions, farm art, honey, meats, berries, eggs, flowers, and more!

Support your local farmer who is working hard to grow clean, fresh, and tasty food for your family!

Who Will Be There

These are the vendors who have signed up so far for this year’s market. Please email them if you would like to place an order in advance:

Market rules and vendor applications can be found HERE. For more information, call (336) 753-6705 or email Visit the Mocksville Farmers’ Market Facebook page for updates.

Admission is Free and the Benefits are Endless!

Farmer’s markets provide an opportunity for local farmers to get together in a social setting along with members of the local community. These gatherings strengthen communities, create a sense of belonging and ownership, and often lead to greater involvement in local issues by those who share a common interest in healthy environments and healthy lifestyles.

There are distinct health benefits to eating local, fresh produce. One of these benefits is that fresh produce is harvested when it is ripe. The greatest amount of vitamins naturally found in produce is available ONLY when the crop is picked when ripe. Most chain stores purchase produce from other states, so the crops are picked early and ripen off the vine in a truck.

Since the produce is not shipped, it does not need to be waxed or treated, giving the produce not only an excellent flavor but making it a healthier choice. Finally, most area farmer’s markets offer organic choices, eliminating pesticides from your diet.

Save Money and Support Your Local Community

Everyone benefits when dollars stay in the local community. The farmers are supported and can continue to grow their crops, and the money spent stays in the community rather than being shipped elsewhere. This helps the local economy thrive.

Eat fresh, save money & live longer by frequenting your Mocksville Farmer’s Market. Your family will thank you!