I continue to be impressed by how well Mocksville and Davie County work together with the Economic Development Commission to create opportunities for our residents and grow the tax base. I began my job as Town Manager in May and since that time Mocksville has had the privilege to announce new businesses coming to the community like the Scott Bader Company and DFA USA. There is also strong support for business expansions like the one Liberty Storage Solutions is currently undertaking. Just these three businesses will create 134 good-paying jobs and invest almost $25,000,000 in Mocksville. This does not include projects under consideration and I see strong growth for the town and county going into 2022 and beyond.  

The Town is also making headway in addressing the shortage of housing in the community. The Board of Commissioners approved a rezoning request in June that will facilitate a planned 300 home neighborhood in the area of Hwy 601 and Country Lane. Developers also have plans to add 89 homes as they extend existing neighborhoods.

Our partnership with Davie County and the Economic Development Commission has created an environment that fosters business, commercial and residential growth. Mayor Will Marklin and the Mocksville Board of Commissioners, Chairman Terry Renegar and the Davie County Commissioners, along with Terry Bralley of the Economic Development Commission are to be commended for their willingness to work together and share limited resources so all of Davie County can benefit from a strong local economy.

Mocksville and Davie County also continue to work together to find ways to deliver services in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. This includes partnering on the development and construction of a new regional water treatment plant, contracting with the Davie County Sheriff’s Office for law enforcement protection, and eliminating duplicated positions through sharing the costs of Planning & Zoning, Information Technology, and Library Services, just to name a few.

Through teamwork, we make the dream work!

Ken Gamble, Town Manager