Fall is finally here! With cooler weather upon us, it is time to get out and enjoy some of the events going on in and around our town.  Last weekend you could have chosen between the Platters tribute band at the Brock, the music of Soundcraft at the Masonic Picnic, Cassette Rewind playing at the Davie Community Park, or just dining out at one of our restaurants here in town. On top of all of that, there are football games, soccer matches, tennis matches, and all kinds of sporting events going on for you to attend in and around the county.

We are all ambassadors for our community. While you are out eating in Mocksville or attending an event out in the county, be aware of the folks you happen to run into. Working with the Davie County Economic Development Board, I have the opportunity to hear firsthand from owners of companies looking to relocate to Mocksville.

I received a call just last week from a gentleman who is opening the first U.S. branch of his company’s worldwide business here in our town. What sold him on this location were many things: the proximity to the interstate, the fact there was a spec building ready to start operations immediately, and a business-friendly political environment just to name a few.

Even more importantly though was the gentleman’s experience as he got out into the community and met some of our citizens. He played Pudding Ridge Golf Course, ate at O’Callahans restaurant, and stopped by The Factory Coffeehouse. He spoke to individuals in each place asking how they liked living in Mocksville and what they thought of the community. He was overwhelmed by the responses he received. All of the folks he had conversations with gave him a very favorable impression of our town. He went on and on about his experience speaking with employees and patrons in each establishment he happened upon. 

I have heard stories from major business owners over the years where they chose not to relocate to a town or community when they heard negative comments from citizens about where they live and work. Why would a business owner want to move his workers and family to a place where folks are not happy?

Despite all of the negativity in our world today, I am happy to say that I live in a town where neighbors look out for each other. A town where there is genuine concern for the well-being of the citizens. A town that welcomes new business and is always looking to improve itself on all levels.

Each of you is part of the equation when it comes to making the community a better place to live and selling it to others.  We are all blessed to live where we do; thank you for being ambassadors for our community.

Will Marklin

Mocksville Mayer