Mocksville’s downtown mural is accomplishing what it was commissioned to do — attract attention to downtown Mocksville. “The Running of the Horses” became an official Pokestop in the “Pokémon GO” mobile game in December. This month it is featured in the February issue of The Destination Magazine.

“Destination is a monthly publication with over 4.5 million readers annually. That is quite an IMPACT!,” said Mocksville Community Development Coordinator Tami Langdon. “With that in mind, the story will attract this audience to read the history of this small Town PLUS enjoy the artistic flair of this mural.  Hopefully, this mural and the storyline will create interest to come on over to Mocksville….view the mural, do a little shopping in the quaint retails, have a bite to eat, or share a glass of wine or ice cream cone from Scoops.”

The brightly colored mural, which adorns the side of the law offices of Martin & Van Hoy in Court Square, attracted attention as soon as the artists began painting in early November. Locals and visitors alike stopped to watch its progress, now they come to have their pictures taken in front of it.

The “Running of the Horses” is an artistic rendering of aspects of Mocksville’s history.  During WWII, horses were used on the farms when gasoline was no longer available. Wild horses were unloaded at the depot, run up Depot Street, through the square, and down to Junker’s Mill where they were shooed and broken. The large oak tree in the center honors the four oak trees that anchored the town for more than 90 years. The two faces represent Mother Earth as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, providing energy and growth to the town.

Langdon hopes that the attention that the mural and the town are receiving is just the beginning. “We have so much to offer in Downtown Mocksville. Thanks to Destination Magazine for the article and of course, Cheryl and Madelyn, as the talented artists.”