Public Notice – Meetings in Davie County Government Facilities

COVID-19 response by Davie County Government OfficialsA Davie County Public Notice is in effect for all those meeting at Davie County Government facilities. For up to the minute information follow Davie County Health and Human Services on Facebook or check-in at the Corona Virus update page on the Davie County Government website to make informed decisions about community activities.


After hearing the recommendations of our state officials, Davie County Government will employ the following actions as preemptive measures. Should further measures need to be taken, we will do so if a local State of Emergency is enacted.

Until then, effective immediately for the next 30 days:

  • All Davie County Government meetings will be postponed or rescheduled to avoid mass gatherings. This will include all Davie County Government Boards, Committees, and County Commissioner meetings. This does not apply to faith-based organizations, businesses, and non-governmental organizations, as the county has no jurisdiction over those entities. Davie County Government also has no jurisdiction regarding state governed entities and local municipalities/towns as those elected/administrative bodies will need to make their own informed decisions.
  • All public meeting rooms in Davie County Government facilities used by non-governmental organizations and community organizations should be relocated. Please consult with the applicable department where the meeting room is located for further guidance. Davie County Government has no jurisdiction regarding state or federal governed
    entities who are located in county facilities, as those elected/administrative bodies will need to make their own informed decisions about activities occurring in their space.
  • Davie County Manager, John Eller, will continue to discuss contingency plans with department directors and make appropriate decisions regarding county operations, services, programs, and local events within each department.
  • Those departments will notify citizens/participants accordingly based on those plans and decisions.

The Board of County Commissioners would like to encourage citizens and community members to visit our County website at for the most up-to-date information on the coronavirus (COVID-19). County staff will also be placing information on various social media sites. We encourage you to share this information with others. While this is not what any of us would wish to do, it is the best strategy to keep everyone safe from COVID-19 until more information is available.

Terry N Renegar, Chair
Davie County Board of Commissioners

To read the full response CLICK HERE.

Davie County School Officials Update

Here is the COVID-19 Update from Davie County Schools:

Be Fully Informed About COVID-19

Visit the Davie County Schools COVID-19 page to stay informed about what our schools are doing to safeguard students.  Read the Town of Mocksville article with tips on how to avoid getting sick. Get FREE posters and flyers to use in your workplace or at school to educate: download and print this flyer from the CDC and print the flyer above HERE.

Read the full bulletin and get updates at the Davie County Government websites linked above – communication and information are fundamental to the security of our community.