Another year of municipal elections is behind us and we are ready to move forward into 2020.  Congratulations to Justin Draughn and Rob Taylor for being elected to the Mocksville Town Board of Commissioners. I am looking forward to working with you on all the issues that come before our town as we proceed.  I would like to thank Brent Ward for serving Mocksville over the last four years. During this period we have seen many improvements at Rich Park, we constructed the new downtown park, replaced all the underground infrastructure in the town square, started renovations at our wastewater treatment plant, purchased a new fire truck, and took on paving projects throughout town above and beyond what had been done in years past.

The new year has many exciting changes to which we can all anticipate.  The new Davie County Recreation Park will open in May, which will certainly bring new life and activity to our town. NCDOT will complete improvements in our town square making it more safe for pedestrian traffic as we shop and help our downtown businesses to thrive. We are slated to see improvements this year at the intersection near Miller’s Restaurant which has been something
our town has looked forward to for several years. From an economic development perspective, we are constantly hearing from and hosting industry and commercial development leaders as we strive to provide good-paying jobs for our citizens in the coming years.

It is so exciting to be a part of a town that is growing and thriving.  I often hear from folks who have recently moved here from another state or town, and they tell me how much they love Mocksville and Davie County.  It’s like they have just discovered an oasis deep within the desert. We are truly blessed to live in such a close-knit and loving community. Take a moment during the coming year to get away from the endless election ads and talk of division in our
country and come to town. Sit with some friends at The Factory and enjoy a cup of coffee, check out the new clothes at Bird and Company or just have a seat in the park and listen to the fountain.  Any chance you have to take a break from the world and experience Mocksville is “Time Well Spent”.