Rich Park Shelter Reservations

Reservations are accepted at the Mocksville Town Hall for rentals of shelters and ball fields by telephone at 336-753-6700.

Shelter fees:

  • $50 for 4 hours or less (shelter #4 – $30 no restrooms)
  • $100 for more than 4 hours.

All Shelter Rentals by Town Residents are reimbursable following inspection finds that the area is left in clean order.

Mando Field – Baseball Field fees:

  • Tournament Rate:  $200 per day plus $100 Deposit
  • Nightly Rental Rate:  $30 per hour (6pm – 10pm)
  • Daily Non-Tournament Rental:  $15 per hour (8am – 5pm)

Softball field ( lower ball field) fees:

  • Tournament Rate:  $100 per day; $150 per weekend (Friday – Sunday)
  • Daily Non-tournament Rate:  $10 per hour
  • Nightly Rental Rate:  $15 per hour

Rich Park Shelter #1

Shelter #1 includes 9 tables, a grill, detached restrooms and is within close distance to playground area.

Rich Park Shelter #2

Shelter # 2 includes 10 tables and restrooms and is located beside the baseball field and across from large playground area.

Rich Park Shelter #4

Shelter # 4 includes 2 tables and is located near the large playground area and is close to restrooms.

Rich Park Shelter #5

Shelter # 5 includes 8 tables, a grill, attached restrooms and is located at the large playground area across the street from Mando Field.