Property Tax Information


The Town of Mocksville has a tax rate of .29 cent per $100. The last revaluation was in 2009. For tax questions please contact the Davie County Tax Office 336-753-6120.

The tax office is located in historic downtown Mocksville. It is on the first floor of the Administration Building, 123 South Main Street, along with several other important local government offices.

The tax office has three divisions; Land Records/Revaluation Division, Assessor’s Division and Collection’s Division.

These divisions are overseen and managed by a Tax Administrator who ensures that these divisions are performing their responsibilities of identifying and listing property, assessing its value, generating tax bills and collecting taxes. The tax office also maintains public tax records and provides assistance to anyone who needs to access those records.

Please Note: If you are seeking Motor Vehicle information for income tax filing please call 1-919-814-1779.