Water-Saving Tips


If you have received an unusually high water bill, there could be a leak somewhere in your home.

Tips for a Leak Detection

• Locate your water meter. Turn off all water to your home and look at the readout dial on your meter. If the dial moves, you have a leak.
• Kitchen and bathroom – Check Kitchen faucets, tub and sink faucets for drips or leaks. Replace washers and O-rings as necessary. A toilet that constantly leaks loud enough to hear can waste hundreds of gallons of water each day. Toilet leaks cannot always be heard. Putting food color in the tank and watching for a change of color in the toilet bowl, can detect a silent leak.
• Check the water heater for any valve leaks (pressure relief and main valves).
• Check pipes coming into the house for leaks and have them repaired immediately. Don’t forget to check outside faucets and garden hoses.
• If you have an irrigation system, frequently inspect all valves and connections for leaks.