Transportation Prioties for Davie County ~ Drop-in Sessions Planned to Review & Comment in

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The North Carolina Department of Transportation has published a ranked list of transportation priorities based upon a variety of roadway data including congestion, travel times, safety, and accessibility. Projects from all modes of transportation serving local and regional needs will have public input—highway, bicycle, pedestrian, public transportation, aviation, and rail. The Northwest Piedmont Rural Planning Organization (RPO) invites you to participate in the County Advisory Committee Meetings for Transportation Priorities. The purpose of the meetings is to review and rank transportation projects for consideration by the Northwest Piedmont RPO for inclusion in the North Carolina Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). Public input during these meetings may affect the selection of a project for funding. The Northwest Piedmont RPO invites you to learn more about these projects and add your voice to where the RPO should prioritize projects. Please click here for a complete copy of this public notice.