Town Officials Respond to Safety Hazard

To the citizens of Mocksville and Davie County, we regret to inform you that two of the oak trees located in the square which have been preserved for so long due to the attentiveness of town employees and good care from our arborist must now come down. David Lusk, arborist from Lusk Tree Care, Inc. has assisted with maintenance for 20+ years. Age, disease, and the ravages of wind and storm have rendered the trees dangerous and unsalvageable. As most of our community will remember, a large limb recently fell from one of these oaks, taking down utility lines and traffic lights. Thankfully no one was injured and efforts to preserve the remaining part of the tree continued. Yesterday, the arborist’s examination determined there is additional disease deterioration and we have no choice but to take immediate action for the safety of our citizens.

We are very sad to see these two oak trees go, but we are grateful for the shade and beauty they have given us for so many years. We appreciate your patience as we strive to find a balance between the safety of our citizens and aesthetics of our town.

Town Board of Commissioners
Town Mayor
Town Manager

Christine W. Bralley
Town Manager
Mocksville, NC – “Time Well Spent”