Remaining Oak Trees on Mocksville Town Square to be Removed and Replaced

On Tuesday April 4th, 2017, at the regular Town Board Meeting, the Town Board of Commissioners made the decision to remove the two remaining Oak Trees in Court Square. The trees have begun to show decline and will have to be removed in order to ensure public safety. The Town has made preparations to replant new trees at the same locations once the remaining trees are removed.
The Town consulted with an arborist to inspect the Court Square Oak Trees in 2015. That inspection found both structural failures and infection of a fungal disease called Hypoxylon Canker in some of the trees. The first two oak trees were removed immediately in order to preserve public safety due to their immediate threat caused by structural failure and disease.

The Town wishes that there were another option other than removal of the trees, because they have become such a strong part of the community. However, from the standpoint of safety, the best recourse is removal. It is the Town Board’s initiative to replant trees where the four oaks once stood in order to return beautification to Court Square. The Trees will be removed April 18th, 2017.

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