Mocksville experiencing discoloration within town water lines

The Town of Mocksville is experiencing discoloration within the town water lines. All test results indicate there are no public health issues. A previous rain event or some other water disturbance has caused the water to become discolored. The samples required by the State, Water Quality Division have been well within all parameters. The town has asked an independent lab to perform additional sampling.

The State Water Quality Officials have visited the Hugh A Lagle Water Treatment plant today and have advised the water is in compliance and are assisting with determining what is causing the discoloration.

If you see an open hydrant or water running from a hydrant, this is part of the process to flush the system.

The Town regrets any inconvenience and will update with results as quickly as received. Thank you for your patience as we continue to resolve this issue

Christine W. Bralley
Town Manager
Mocksville, NC – “Time Well Spent”