Mocksville Becomes More Colorful for 4H October 6-12

October 6-12 is National 4-H week. What does this mean for Mocksville? During this week the streets of Mocksville will be a little more colorful. 4Hers will be decorating the sidewalks with chalk.  They will provide information about 4-H, leadership quotes, historical 4-H facts and information about what 4-H looks like in Davie.  It’s hard to define all of 4-H, but I assure you it’s more than cowgirls and cowboys having a good time! Make sure to take time and find out what 4-H is and if it’s something you and your family could grow together in. During this week you can also find a display in the Mocksville Library about 4-H as well, an information table during all lunches at Davie High School October 10th and a booth set up at Peachtree Farmers market October 11th. If you have any question about 4-H please contact the Davie Extension office at (336) 753-6100