Mayor’s Corner


Summer is here! There us so much going on in and around our town this summer. Please mark your calendars for all of the events listed on the City Page and join your fellow citizens over the next several weeks in beautiful downtown Mocksville. Just like the road work done in the downtown area last Summer, there will be repairs and upgrades going on to streets and utilities over the next several months. Just to clear up any confusion as to what will be happening to the streets and intersections, I will try to bring everyone up to speed on the details.

Here in South Mocksville in front of CJs restaurant, the NC DOT has funded the project to eliminate the yield sign where we have seen so many accidents over the past several years. This is not going to be a round-a-bout. The plan is to create an intersection of Salisbury Street into Highway 601 in front of the Upscale Consignment shop. There will be a turning lane formed to reduce traffic backup. Lakey Backhoe is reworking water and sewer lines over the next few weeks to prepare for the road work to begin in August. When the Project is complete, you will be able to access CJs from the driveway coming off of Salisbury Street. Please observe any “Road Closed” signs to ensure the safety of the crews that are working.

There is a plan for a round-a-bout to be constructed at the large intersection near Millers restaurant. NC DOT is in the process of planning the reworking of utilities and designing the roadway. This will eliminate the stop lights altogether and make the traffic flow more smoothly at this intersection. You will not see any actual road work this year on this project but plans are underway. This round-a-bout will be a larger radius than the one located in Bermuda Run on Highway 158.

The completion of our Mocksville Town Square should come about in 2018. We are waiting on the NC DOT to place our mast arm poles in the center of town square which will support the traffic lights and allow us to eliminate the overhead wires. Once this happens, the Public Works Department will be able to complete the sidewalks. The roads throughout the downtown area will be resurfaced and made smooth again once all of the work is complete. The Mocksville Town Board and staff are also working to improve the intersection in front of the new downtown park which should happen during the 2018-2019 fiscal year.

We are always working to make Mocksville a better place to live and work. Please bear with us and be patient during the construction process.

William J. Marklin, III
Mayor, Town of Mocksville