Mayor’s Corner


March Madness is here! Yes – it is basketball season and everywhere you go folks are talking about their favorite team, but I am referring to the madness of budget time in the Town of Mocksville. Our new fiscal year starts on July 1st and we have to look at potential revenue for the upcoming year and reconcile it with expenses each of our departments are requesting to operate. The town board will sit for several hours on several different evenings and pour over figures to come up with the ideal budget for our town. Mocksville has managed to maintain a tax rate of .29 cents for the last 8 years. This is extremely low for a town of 5,400 that maintains a Police Department, Water Department, Sewer Facilities, Public Works Department, Parks Department, Fire Department and a Downtown Community Development Department. Considering the tax rate was .36 cents in the year 2000, we have actually decreased the taxes charged to city residents for services over the last 17 years. We have achieved this by attracting business and industry to our town to help absorb the tax burden. Davie County Economic Development has been a huge factor in the town’s success, but another contributor is the hard work put into the budget each year by the town manager, the finance director, the department heads, and the town board of commissioners.

I have had the opportunity as Mayor to speak to several different school groups and the students are always amazed at how much a new fire truck costs or what it takes to run a wastewater treatment plant. There are so many aspects that are vital to the successful functioning of our town, not to mention our contributions to the Davie County Public Library and the Davie Arts Council in order to promote arts and education within the town limits. Our residents have chosen to live in town where they pay both city and county taxes, and the Mocksville town leaders want to provide them with as much value as possible for the tax dollars they are charged. The next time you happen to walk the greenways at Rich Park, play on the tennis courts beside South Davie Middle School, or enjoy the peaceful sounds of the fountain at the new downtown park – remember that all of this was made possible by the taxpayers of the town and the foresight of town leaders over several years to invest in our town and make it the best place to live in North Carolina.

William J. Marklin, III
Mayor, Town of Mocksville