Manager’s Corner


Here’s to a new year; a new fiscal year with a new budget. The Town of Mocksville residents are fortunate to have the leadership provided by Mayor  Francis Slate and Town Board members; Will Marklin, Lash Sanford, Rob Taylor, Amy Vaughan Jones and Johnny Frye. I sincerely express my gratitude to each for their guidance and support.  Their concern and many hours of dedication are priceless to the success and best interest of this town. The planning of continued growth and improvements to infrastructure is an attribute to the future of our residents and businesses, existing and new.  Click here to see the budget revenue and expense charts for fiscal year 2015-2016.

The adopted budget for 2015-16 for the Town of Mocksville is balanced at $8,472,285
This budget maintains the current tax rate of .29 per $100 valuation.  Landfill, recreation and cemetery rates will also remain the same.  Incentive and grant funding for economic development projects include Gildan Yarn, Avgol America, Inc., and Quality Drive. Other projects include the refurbishment of tennis courts at South Davie and the Rich Park Greenway.

The Town of Mocksville has approximately 2500 water/sewer connections and maintains 75 miles of water lines and 80 miles of sewer lines. The water treatment plant averages between 0.8 and 1.2 million gallons of water per day. The Town of Mocksville, Hugh A. Lagle Water Treatment Plant was recently one out of forty-two water systems, with populations ranging from 2443 to 818005 to receive state recognition for NC Area Wide Optimization.

Congratulations to the operators on their change of thinking and operations, resulting in this state recognition.  The 2015-1016 budget has approximately $910,000 of Capital Improvements for water and sewer.  Water and sewer rates will increase effective July 1, 2015.  The average residential customer in the town limits will have an approximate $8 bi-monthly increase.  Late fee penalties for bills paid after the due date of the 20th will also increase $5.

The Town of Mocksville appreciates the collaboration with the County of Davie regarding services including; tax collection and billing, planning and zoning, VoIP and IT services, 911 communications and various other agreements.

To each employee, a sincere thank you; for public service that extends beyond a daily job.  Thank you for taking the time to better understand budget restraints and the abilities to resolve problems creatively while seeking additional resources. Thank you for the afterhours and late night response, for the extra assistance to residents and visitors, for doing more than just a job. Thank you for continuing to provide  services of police and fire protection, street maintenance, distribution of  safe drinking water, disposal of sewer, planning, zoning, a yard waste collection site, cemetery maintenance, a farmers market, parks, recreation and cultural opportunities to more than 5000 residents and daily visitors.

The combined and continued efforts along with support from elected board members, local and state representatives, staff, department employees, contractors, legal counsel, appointed board members, volunteers and caring residents will continue for the citizens of Mocksville to receive services regarded as top priority in the most effective and efficient manner.


Christine W. Bralley

Town Manager
Mocksville, NC – “Time Well Spent”