Garbage collection is provided to all Town residents. The Town does not charge for garbage collection, however there is a landfill fee of $3.50 per month included in your utility bill. Garbage collection for residents inside the city limits is every Friday morning and it is recommended that trash be placed curbside on Thursday evening. The limit is three thirty-gallon trash cans or bags. Please bag all trash regardless of whether it is in a container or not. Plastic drink bottles and aluminum cans are no longer allowed in with trash pick up and MUST be recycled. If you have any questions or need recycling bins please call GDS Republic Service, Inc. at 336 751-1585.

For Pesticide and Chemical Disposal, Please contact Phil at the Davie County Extension Office 336 753-6100.

Recycling is a county wide program available to all Davie County residents at no charge. Recycling is collected every week on the same day as garbage collection. Please place your recyclable material in the green 18-gallon recycling bins distrubuted to all Town and County residents. Recycling must be placed curbside no later than 7:00am the day of collection. (If you need recycling bins call 751-1585).

A state law banning disposal of plastic bottles in landfills became effective Oct. 1, 2009. Plastic bottles join aluminum cans, which have been banned since 1994, as items that must be recycled. The law does not apply to containers that are intended for use in the sale and distribution of motor oil or plastic pesticide bottles.

Plastic drink bottles MUST be recycled. Recycling plastic bottles conserves energy and resources and creates jobs; more than 14,000 people are employed in the recycling industry in North Carolina. Bottles can be recycled back into plastic bottles, or can have a completely new life as a different product – such as carpet, lumber, other types of containers or even clothing. North Carolina and the southeast are home to plastic plants hungry for material to make new products, so recycling your bottles is a great way to close the recycling loop!

A list of recyclable items are as follows: Aluminum cans, only plastic drink bottles and jugs with a #1 or #2 recycle code marking on the bottom, mixed paper (magazines, catalogs, junk mail, office paper, phone books and empty food boxes) and newspaper, cardboard, milk jugs, tin cans and glass. Please rinse out any cans, jugs and bottles before recycling.

If something is placed in the bin that is not recyclable, it will be left in the bin.

Items too large for bins may be taken to the Davie County Landfill located at 360 Dalton Road, Mocksville, NC.

For additional information please contact GDS Republic Services, Incorporated at 336-751-1585.

Yard waste will not be picked up with garbage collection. Please take yard waste (grass clippings, limbs, leaves, etc.) to the compost site at Rich Park.

Electronics Banned in Landfills

In North Carolina it is illegal to dispose of televisions and electronics, such as computers, printers, and video games , in the landfill. These items must be recycled for proper disposal.

Working electronics may be donated to Goodwill. For more information on recycing options contact Pam Jones with NC Cooperative Extension, Davie County Center, 336-753-6100.