Farmer’s Market


Mocksville Farmers Market 2017The Town of Mocksville is proud to provide a community market for consumers, farmers, and artisans to buy and sell local fruits, vegetables, plants and handmade crafts. Join us, as we promote “Eat Fresh, Healthy and Local”.

The Town of Mocksville elected officials, town hall staff and Community Development Coordinator are committed to cultivating local partnerships with producers and the NC Cooperative Extension Agency.

The Mocksville Farmer’s Market is held in the parking lot at Junker’s Mill Outdoor Theatre, next door to the Davie County Chamber of Commerce, just across the street from the Mocksville Town Hall Parking Lot located at 171 S. Clement St in Mocksville, and just a block down W Depot Street from the town square.

For 2018 the market is open from 3-6 pm on Wednesdays beginning 5/2/2018 through 10/24/2018.


Mocksville Farmers Market 2018

To permit fair and equal opportunity for all sellers and ensure quality products for buyers, the following guidelines have been developed.  These guidelines will be revised and updated as needed and may be modified according to the season and products being sold.

The following documents for the 2018 Mocksville Farmers Market are available for download now.

Mocksville Farmers Market 2018 Guidelines and Regulations

Mocksville Farmers Market 2018 Vendor Application

Mocksville Farmers Market 2018 Growers Certification

The Town of Mocksville Community Development Manager, Tami Langdon, is available to answer any questions that vendors may have regarding the Mocksville Farmers Market.  Tami can be reached at telephone number (336) 909-2263.

See you at the Farmer’s Market!