Public Notice – Sale of Surplus Town Property

The Board of Commissioners for the Town of Mocksville has determined a certain Town owned property, more particularly described as follows, to be surplus to the needs of the Town. That portion of Davie County parcel number J50000003 located at 465 Eaton Road, Mocksville, N.C. 27028.

As such, the Town Board hereby authorizes the Town Manager’s office to advertise for sealed bids under N.C G.S. §160A-268, utilizing a published advertisement for at least 30 days before opening sealed bid. The Town Manager’s office shall open the bids and submit the highest bid to the Town Board at its regularly scheduled meeting.

The Town Board sets the following conditions of the bid and sale:

  • The Town Board reserves the right to reject and all bids; and
  • If the Town Board accepts the highest bid, the bidder and the Town shall enter into a contract provided by the Town to close on the Property in no more than sixty (60) days; and
  • The selected winning bidder shall deposit five per cent (5%) of his or her bid with the Town Clerk within five business days of the Board’s acceptance of the bid.
  • If the bidder fails to sign the proffered contract or to close, the deposit will not be returned; and
  • Each side will pay its own closing costs; and
  • The Town will not pay any broker’s or agent’s fees unless and until the Board enters into a contract for such fees.

Sealed bids for the property will be accepted from June 13th 2018 until July 13th, 2018.

Inquiries about the property and the sale may be made to the Mocksville Town Manager’s office at 171 S. Clement Street, Mocksville, NC 27028; (336) 753-6700 or;




Petition for Annexation – Notice of Public Hearing June 5, 2018


WHEREAS, a petition requesting annexation of the area described herein has been received; and

WHEREAS, the Mocksville Town Board has by resolution directed the Town Clerk to investigate the sufficiency of the petition; and

WHEREAS, certification of the Town Clerk as to the sufficiency of the petition has been made;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Town Board of the Town of Mocksville, North Carolina, that:

Section 1.  A public hearing on the question of annexation of the area described herein will be held at the Mocksville Town Hall, 171 S. Clement Street, Mocksville, NC 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, June, 5, 2018

Section 2. The area proposed for annexation is described as follows:

OFFICIAL METES AND BOUNDS (click here to access the legal description of proposed area for annexation)

Section 3.  Notice of the public hearing shall be published in the Davie County Enterprise, a newspaper having general circulation in the Town of Mocksville, at least ten (10) days prior to the date of the public hearing.

Adopted this 5th Day of June, 2018 by the Mocksville Town Board.


Budget Workshop on Thursday, May 17th at Mocksville Town Hall Begins 5:30 PM

A budget workshop will be held in the Board of Commissioners’ Meeting Room, Mocksville Town Hall, 171 S. Clement Street, Mocksville, NC, on May 17th at 5:30 p.m.

Notice of Pubic Hearing June 5, 2018 FY 2018-2019 Budget

FY 2018-2019 Budget
JUNE 5, 2018 – 6 P.M.

The Town of Mocksville’s Town Manager presented the recommended budget for Fiscal Year 2018-2019 to the Board of Commissioners on Tuesday, May 1, 2018. A copy of the recommended budget was filed in the office of the Clerk to the Board on that same day and is available for public inspection at the Mocksville Town Hall during regular business hours.  The 2018-2019 recommended budget is also posted on the Town’s website,

Budget meetings will be held in the Board of Commissioners’ Meeting Room, Mocksville Town Hall, 171 S. Clement Street, Mocksville, NC, on May 17th at 5:30 p.m.

A public hearing on the recommended budget will be held on Tuesday, June 5, 2018 at 6 p.m. (or as soon thereafter as persons may be heard) in the Board of Commissioners’ Meeting Room, Mocksville Town Hall, 171 S Clement Street, Mocksville, NC.  Citizens are invited to attend and present written or oral comments.  Adoption of the recommended budget is anticipated to occur on June 5, 2018.

This 5th day of May 2018.
Lynn Trivette, Clerk to the Board



The Mocksville Farmers Market opens Wednesday, May 2nd!

Ready for some tantalizingly tasty fresh produce? The Mocksville Farmer’s Market will open Wednesday, May 2nd, from 3 – 6 p.m. in the Junker’s Mill parking lot located at 107 S Salisbury St. in Mocksville.

The Mocksville Farmers Market is proud to provide a community market for consumers, farmers and artisans to buy and sell local fruits, vegetables, plants and handmade crafts.  In addition to fresh produce, the market offers baked goods, jams, candles, soaps, creams, lotions, farm art, honey, meats, berries, eggs, flowers and more! Join them as they promote “Eat Fresh, Healthy and Local”.

“We are excited to have three new vendors this year who will be offering pork, beef, and flowers,” said Tami Langdon, community development coordinator. “Our original farmers have been hard at work this season due to the rain so let’s SUPPORT these wonderful folks with their veggies and fruits!”

This week’s market includes free blondie samples to celebrate Blondie Month. During the week of Mother’s Day, the market will raffle a bouquet of seasonal fresh flowers guaranteed to please any mom! There will be different samples and specials throughout the season.

The market will operate from Wednesday, May 2nd to Wednesday, October 24th. For more information, call (336) 753-6705 or email

Bermuda Run Farmers Market Every Friday – So Much More Than Produce
In addition to produce, the Bermuda Run Farmers Market offers a variety of specialty items such as seafood, meats, Moravian chicken pies, and handmade jewelry and pottery. Complete details can be found on the market’s Facebook page.  Each Thursday, the Peachtree Farmers Market posts an updated list of vendors attending the market that Friday.

Fridays – Town of Bermuda Run: The Bermuda Run Farmers Market is open Fridays from 3:30-7 PM in the parking lot at Wake Forest Baptist Health Davie Medical Center in the Town of Bermuda Run.

Davie County Farmers Markets Every Wednesday & Friday – Admission is free and the benefits are endless!
Farmers markets provide an opportunity for local farmers to get together in a social setting along with members of the local community.  These gatherings strengthen communities, create a sense of belonging and ownership, and often lead to greater involvement in local issues by those who share a common interest in healthy environments and healthy lifestyles.

Save Money at Davie County Farmers Markets
One of the reasons to shop at a farmers market is to support the local economy.  Everyone benefits when dollars stay in the local community. The farmers are supported and can continue to grow their crops, and the money spent stays in the community rather than being shipped elsewhere.  This helps the local economy thrive.

Farmer’s markets in North Carolina are not taxed which saves you money by making the products purchased a greater value. In essence, a person is getting 6.5 percent more product for their money through the elimination of sales tax.

Live Longer Consuming Local Produce from Davie County Farmers Markets
There are distinct health benefits to eating local, fresh produce.  One of these benefits is that fresh produce is harvested when it is ripe.  The greatest amount of vitamins naturally found in produce is available ONLY when the crop is picked ripened.  Most chain stores purchase produce from other states, and therefore the crops are picked early and ripen off the vine in a truck.  This renders the vitamins much weaker to the consumer.

Another health benefit is that because the produce is not shipped, it does not need to be waxed or treated.  This again gives the produce not only an excellent flavor, but also makes it a healthier choice. Finally, most area farmers markets offer organic choices, eliminating pesticides from your diet.

Everyone benefits when dollars stay in the local community.  The farmers are supported and can continue to grow their crops, and the money spent stays in the community rather than being shipped elsewhere.  This helps the local economy thrive. 

For even more ways to save while supporting your friends and neighbors please check out iShopDavie, an exciting and rewarding program from your Davie County Chamber of Commerce.

Have fun, save money & live longer by frequenting your Davie County Farmers Markets.  Your family will thank you.

Daniel Boone Family Festival, Saturday May 5th, will Dish up Food, Fun, Music and a Heapin’ Helpin’ of History

Free Community Event! 10 AM to 8:30 PM
On Saturday, May 5th, Historic Davie will host the Daniel Boone Family Festival in Historic Downtown Mocksville.  Featuring local artisans,  historic reenactors, Fort Dobbs, historical tours throughout the county, food,  contests and live music, and a kids area with free pony rides, inflatables and balloon artistry, there’s something for everyone at the all-day event which runs from 10 a.m – 5 p.m. Live musical entertainment will continue until 8:30 p.m.

Retrace the Steps of Daniel Boone, the Revolutionary War, Historic Homes and More!
Daniel Boone spent nearly 25 years in the Yadkin Valley area, and two of the three tours revolve around landmarks associated with the Boone clan. The big attraction for Boone buffs are the tours that run at 10:15 AM, 12:30 PM, and again at 2:15 PM.  Tours are $5 and are provided by bus or van.

These tours include stops at historic Joppa Cemetery, where Daniel’s parents Squire and Sarah Boone and his brother Israel are buried (Israel’s grave is the oldest in the cemetery); the Boone Tract at Bear Creek, a 640-acre parcel of land granted to Squire Boone in 1753 and later sold to his son Daniel; the Daniel Boone Marker in Farmington; and nearby Pudding Ridge, where General Cornwallis crossed Dutchman Creek in pursuit of Nathanael Greene (Cornwallis named the area for the thick mud in the area his troops had to march through).

A tour departing at 11:45 AM also visits Joppa Cemetery, Bear Creek, and the Boone Tract,  but adds tours of the Jesse A. Clement House (built in 1828) and Historic Center Arbor, constructed as a site for “camp meetings” during the Third Great Awakening in 1876.

The last tour, which departs at 1:15 PM, takes visitors to the River Park at the Bull Hole; Veach’s Muster Ground; Revolutionary War hero Richmond Pearson‘s grave site; and the Historic Zachary Holt House and Village Museum of Cooleemee, both of which have exhibits centered around the area’s once-booming textile industry.

Tours are $5 and are provided by bus or van.

Rounding out the historic flavor of the festival will be the presence of reenactors from Fort Dobbs in Statesville.  Fort Dobbs re-enactors (Fort Dobbs was the site of a battle between settlers and Cherokee warriors in 1760.)

Frozen T-Shirt and Hula Hoop Contests with Prizes
Don’t miss the Frozen T-Shirt and Hula Hoop Contests at Junker’s Mill at 3:30 PM. These fun and hilarious events will have contestants pulling, stretching, whacking and otherwise abusing frozen t-shirts to see who can get theirs completely on first, and wildly gyrating to see who can keep their hoop spinning the longest. Registration on the day of the festival at Junker’s Mill Outdoor Stage.

Frozen T-Shirt Contest
1st place- $100 ( 17 & UP) $25 ( 11-16) $25 ( 6-10)
2nd place- $75, $10, $10
3rd place- $50, $5, $5

Hula Hoop Contest
1st place- $25 (17 & UP) $25 (11-16) $25 (6-10)
2nd place- gift cards, gift cards, $10
3rd place -gift cards, $10, $5

Music and Entertainment all day at Junker’s Mill Outdoor Theater – capped off by Tim Elliot – NC CMA Male Singer of the Year 2017
Grab your chair and head over to Junker’s Mill Outdoor Theatre for a full day of entertainment:
NOON……...His & Hers ( Blue Grass)
1:50 p.m…..Brad Ratledge & The Happy Ones ( Soft Rock & Country)
3:30 p.m..…Hula Hoop and Frozen T-shirt Contest ( $5 fee for Frozen T-Shirt)
4:40 p.m..…Taylor Vaden & The Memphis Thunder ( Elvis of 60’s & 70’s)
6:45-8 p.m. HEADLINER,  Tim Elliott – NC CMA Male Singer 2017 (Country)

All of the performances are free of charge.  Alcoholic beverages and water can be purchased at Junker’s Mill (no coolers please). Food will be available for purchase at the food court.

Additional Information
To learn more about the amenities and activities at the festival,  head over to the official Daniel Boone Family Festival web site, or call 336-909-2263.

Mocksville Water Quality Report

We are pleased to present to you this year’s Annual Drinking Water Quality Report.  This report is a snapshot of last year’s water quality.  Included are details about your source(s) of water, what it contains, and how it compares to standards set by regulatory agencies.  Our constant goal is to provide you with a safe and dependable supply of drinking water.  We want you to understand the efforts we make to continually improve the water treatment process and protect our water resources.  We are committed to ensuring the quality of your water and to providing you with this information because informed customers are our best allies. Please click here for a PDF copy of the complete report.

Classic Cars “Cruise-In” Monday Night in Mocksville

Visit the beautiful and historic square in Downtown Mocksville on Monday evening, April 16th, for  “Cruise-In” presented by the Piedmont C.A.R.S. Association. Festivities begin at 5:30 and continue until dark.

All types of cars ranging from old classics to the cars of tomorrow will be on display.  The cruise-in draws participants from the surrounding areas stretching from the Virginia border to the Sandhills ~ West from Wilkes County and East to Alamance and Wake Counties.  If the weather is kind, the cruise-in will draw dozens of cars.

In addition to the cars, the event features music by DJ Barry Rentz, 50/50 drawings, and car registration prizes.  Don’t forget to visit the downtown restaurants and shops.

The cruise-ins also provide car owners the opportunity to get out and drive, which is the real fun of owning a specialty car. Enthusiasts come together to share their love of cars with others and to answer questions about cars, the town of Mocksville, and the cruise-ins.

A Few New Rules

A couple of new rules this year to make the event more enjoyable for everyone: cruisers cannot double park anywhere on the streets nor can the cars be backed into a spot. If you bring a chair, please make sure the sidewalk has ample wheelchair and walking space (three feet or more) and do not put the chair in front of any business doors.

Approved parking is available on the streets, NAPA parking area (after 5:30 p.m.) the vacant paved lot next to NAPA, the front police department parking lot (after 5:30 p.m.), and any town parking lots.

The registration table will be at the new town park beside the police department. There are new bathroom facilities and lots of places to put chairs and visit with friends.

Piedmont C.A.R.S Association

Piedmont C.A.R.S. Association is a non-profit organization comprised of people with a love of cars. Members are devoted to using their interest in classic, antique, restored, and special interest cars to bring together car owners with similar interests while acting as a service organization dedicated to participating in service projects that benefit the community.

The Club is looking for new members. You do not have to own an old or unique vehicle to join, you just need a love for vehicles.

Come on out and join the fun!  If you can’t make it tonight, Downtown Mocksville Cruise-Ins are held on the first and third Monday of each month from April through September. For more information about these events or the club, call Jim Dean at 336.492-6053.

Check out and like Mocksville Cruise-In on Facebook for updates on Piedmont CARS and the cruise-ins.

April 11th Mocksville Town Board Meeting Moved to Energy United Center

The April 11th Town Board Meeting will be held at the Energy United Center, 101 S. Salisbury Street in Mocksville at 6 pm.

Notice of Special Called Meeting – April 12, 2018 – Budget Work Session

The Town of Mocksville Board of Commissioners will hold a Special Called Meeting on Thursday, April 12, 2018 at 5:30 pm for a Budget Work Session.